Et and S - Company Message
if You are in san francisco or the Napa Valley for wine tastings and a day of sightseeing the vineyards. The best way to do it is to go by limousine. Most days are very busy on the two main roads of the Napa Valley, Highway 29 or the Silverado Trail. Fighting traffic and trying to get to the different wineries up and down the valley can be tiring and also dangerous. If you plan on doing tastings at every winery you visit, believe me, you can get a little tipsy and should not attempt to drive. So, what to do? Call up ETANDS LIMOUSINES and ask for Enrique Tapia. He will drive you in style and to the door of the wineries you wish to visit. I trust he still is with them, as he was a wonderful driver.

Drink all you like, Enrique is driving. He is a very engaging person with a ready smile and a helping hand. The rates he charges are by the hour and you will be picked up right at the door of your hotel. He travels to you, so even if you are staying from San Francisco to Sacramento, Enrique will be ready when you are. He does get booked ahead, so if you desire a driver with limousine for a tour of the Napa Valley wineries give him a call and book

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